Recast.AI is a developer-friendly bot development and management system for fast and intelligent programs. 

The company is founded in 2015 and has come as a popular platform for collaborative bot development and training. One of the best parts of the platform, it is free for an individual use which you can use to build and train an unlimited number of bot programs.

Companies can ask for the pricing on their website. You can use Recast APIs to build your bots, train them, connect them with other bots and platforms and finally, to host and analyze their performance.


MailBeez at BusinessFry

MailBeez is an award-winning e-commerce email marketing tool with brilliant features to boost your online business. It helps you to increase your customer loyalty, engagement, and potential sales.

It comes with loads of amazing tools for your customers like automated coupons, complete automation, and Intelligent emails (birthday emails, welcome emails, notification, coupon expiry and loads of more).

Mailbeez supports ZenCart, osCommerce, and more. Further, you can integrate it with MailChimp, Newsletter2Go, and other applications too.

It is an award-winning program rated 9.6/10 on TrustPilot. You can integrate your application with Google Analytics or Piwik to get the detailed stat of your campaigns.


Salesmate at BusinessFry

Salesmate is an amazing Sales CRM software growing businesses. With the great economical pricing and great features, it has the potential to become your favorite CRM software.

One of the great features of Salesmate is inbuilt VoIP. It comes with a detailed sales analytics and sales automation including email tracking and customized reports. 

It works great with all Google Applications to keep your work at one place. Sales data automation.

No doubt, Salesmate is an intuitive and lightweight Sales CRM software for small and medium scale businesses.


Sumo is a powerful toolkit to skyrocket your traffic and conversions. It is a no-coding-required tool you can integrate directly into your website and manage it directly.

Sumo gives you some fantastic features like Heatmaps (tracking user clicks), content analysis (if the user likes your content or not), social sharing, traffic booster, Instant chat, subscriber forms, contact forms and much more.

Further, you can integrate your Sumo app with other third-parties like MailChimp and AWeber. A must have service for every business and website owner.


SocialPilot management software

SocialPilot is a social media management and growth tool for online business owners and professionals. It can automate and manage your social media campaigns effectively to reach maximum output with minimum budget.

Even though SocialPilot is made for social media agencies and professionals you can use it if your marketing heavily relies on social media channels and you need to boost your visibility and sales through them.

You can create multiple accounts, manage them, connect in teams, manage clients and get feeds and suggestions to run your campaigns. 

SocialPilot has been awarded for its great user experience by FinencesOnline and more than 75,000 individuals and companies are using it.

Users have recommended SocialPilot over similar tools like Buffer and Hootsuite.