Recast.AI is a developer-friendly bot development and management system for fast and intelligent programs. 

The company is founded in 2015 and has come as a popular platform for collaborative bot development and training. One of the best parts of the platform, it is free for an individual use which you can use to build and train an unlimited number of bot programs.

Companies can ask for the pricing on their website. You can use Recast APIs to build your bots, train them, connect them with other bots and platforms and finally, to host and analyze their performance.


Codefight on BusinessFry

Codefight is an interesting programming platform and an award-winning tech-recruitment platform for business owners. 

Codefight provides a platform to connect with pre-screened talents, source and interview them. It provides you a detailed analytics of your overall recruitment process so that you can find what's working and what is not for you.

It is a San Fransisco based company having a huge industry fanbase. Some of the major names are "Wall-Street Journals", "Ubar" and "Evernote".

You can also create your bots to fight against real players to check if they can win a code-fight with your bot or not. A unique and fantastic platform to search talented workforce for your company.

CodeFight is built upon Meteor JS Framework.


Startups and professionals often find it difficult to keep their business and personal information separate. Grasshopper is a trusted solution to this problem. Using virtual phone service you can secure your personal information and create a better impression on your customers.

You can manage your calls and messages online and look a better professional company. Use Grasshopper for getting a Virtual phone number, toll-free numbers, voice messages and fax numbers and to give your business a professional look.

Grasshopper is a brilliant company and has featured in magazines like CNN and Forbes. Prices of their services are nominal and all come with a 30-days money back guarantee.