Fiverr is a highly popular and quality marketplace for entrepreneurs and business leaders. You can search, find, and hire freelancers for your projects and businesses on Fiverr.

Freelance agencies, and solopreneurs sale their services on Fiverr called Gigs. The minimum Gig is $5 per service. You can use it to find freelancers for writing, businesses, design, music, videos and more for a reasonable price.

If you are a side-hustler, Fiverr is a good opportunity to sell your skills to earn an active side income in your free time. As a business owner, you can outsource your some projects to reduce your workload.


[Resource] How to Write Best Online Content

Udemy is one of the top platforms to learn any skills you can apply as a business owner or solopreneur. This (and a few other courses) on Udemy will help you to become a master in content which actually get sold. 

Content writing is science and art both. Content which can blow your visitor's mind is the content which actually gets sold. 

Writing courses on Udemy will definitely make you better content writers and story SELLERS.

People will hear you if you have a good story to tell


Plagiarism is becoming a big pain with the explosion of digital content all over the internet. PlagiarismcheckerX is an award-winning premium quality plagiarism checker used by some of the best academic institutes and professionals.

You can use PlagiarismcheckerX to find content theft, for detecting plagiarism in content delivered by a freelancer or accidental plagiarism in your own work. The service is available in more than 7 languages and used in 60+ countries.

Since plagiarism can cost millions to any business, PlagiarismCheckerX is a very important software to have.


Grammarly is an automated software to help you curate better content by pointing out your writing mistakes as you go with your work. It also detects plagiarism in your work effectively.

The software can be easily integrated with your web browsers, Office applications as it comes with native desktop and mobile applications. The service uses Artificial intelligence and Natural language processing to perform its operations. Writers, students, professors, and professionals from all over the globe use Grammarly in their work.

You can use Grammarly for sending error-free emails, publishing better content, finding plagiarism in some one's work and for more.


iWriter is a very popular platform for freelance writers and website/business owners to find (create) custom content for their websites.

You can use iWriter for finding cheapest average quality content as well as the best ones for affordable prices for the website, social media posts, blog submissions and for other advertisements. iWriter currently holds Alexa rank below 50,000 in the world which clearly shows it's popularity.

Solopreneurs who are looking for writing jobs can head to iWriter for finding good writing projects. Not every article is excepted on iWriter so it is important to give quality with no-plagiarism while writing on it.