CopyrightRegistrationService at BusinessFry

Copyright Registration Service (CRS) is a service provided by the Intellectual Property Rights Office (also referred to as the IP Rights Office and the IPRO).

By registering your patents, logo, copyrightable materials like Articles, Logo, Poems, Codes (Programs), Apps, Websites and everything else which belongs to your business and you don't want to get stolen by other people.

Most of the countries are the part of the union. You can apply to the service only if you belong to a country which is the member of the organization.

If you are looking a place to register your copyright, this is the right place. Further, you can also check your copyright status through their portal.


SSL Certificates for business

SSL is a popular abbreviation of the secure socket layer. With the increasing theft in digital transactions using secure protocol is crucial for your business.

Using HTTPS instead of HTTP helps you in many ways. Very important two aspects are, visitor's trust upon your platform and another is the protection of communication with every other website and users.

Platforms asking for membership credentials like passwords and sensitive information like bank details and credit cards must use SSL to avoid problems later.

SSL.COM is an authentic platform to get your SSL certificates for your website. It provides certificates to enterprises, governments, large organizations like United Nations and NASA.

DMCA.COM on BusinessFry

DMCA or digital millennium copyright act is United States copyright law which prevents digital copyrights of the owners.

Well, DMCA.COM is actually a company which helps you to prevent content theft and piracy of your data.

In this digital age, it is very easy to copy your hard-work and paste it to some other website. DMCA.COM protects your legal data from the digital robbers by giving access to you to some tools and software.

You can use DMCA for finding if someone is copying your content, monitoring your content security, takedown theft content from other's website.

They are working with several governments and law firms to do this. They also provide various DIY tools and a website protection badge to deter the thieves to steal content from your site.


Plagiarism is becoming a big pain with the explosion of digital content all over the internet. PlagiarismcheckerX is an award-winning premium quality plagiarism checker used by some of the best academic institutes and professionals.

You can use PlagiarismcheckerX to find content theft, for detecting plagiarism in content delivered by a freelancer or accidental plagiarism in your own work. The service is available in more than 7 languages and used in 60+ countries.

Since plagiarism can cost millions to any business, PlagiarismCheckerX is a very important software to have.