Nutshell at BusinessFry

Nutshell is an intuitive Customer Relationship Managment software for your business. It comes with a great support and multiple features to boost your sales.

It is an award-winning software which can be easily setup and understandable for your team. You can integrate Nutshell with multiple other applications like Zendesk, Gmail, and MailChimp. You can integrate VoIP without any additional cost with your software.

Nutshell has been awarded as the most user-friendly and most affordable CRM software by Capterra.

It can Store all your contact details, call notes, and email conversations in one place so everyone on your team can quickly access them, automate your sales process, track leads and help you to collaborate in teams.

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Salesmate at BusinessFry

Salesmate is an amazing Sales CRM software growing businesses. With the great economical pricing and great features, it has the potential to become your favorite CRM software.

One of the great features of Salesmate is inbuilt VoIP. It comes with a detailed sales analytics and sales automation including email tracking and customized reports. 

It works great with all Google Applications to keep your work at one place. Sales data automation.

No doubt, Salesmate is an intuitive and lightweight Sales CRM software for small and medium scale businesses.


AgileCRM at BusinessFry

AgileCRM is a useful software and one of the premium alternative to Hubspot for marketing and sales automation, web-engagements, email tracking and a number of other necessary tasks.

AgileCRM is one of the fasted growing CRM application to solve your multiple problems for a reasonable price. Business owners and professionals can use it for Sales engagement, Customer service, and marketing automation. Further, Multiple versions including real-estate, e-commerce, SaaS, call-centers and a few more are available to satisfy your all needs.

It is an award-winning company with a great customer support. You can integrate your software with multiple other third-party applications according to your need.