Sumo is a powerful toolkit to skyrocket your traffic and conversions. It is a no-coding-required tool you can integrate directly into your website and manage it directly.

Sumo gives you some fantastic features like Heatmaps (tracking user clicks), content analysis (if the user likes your content or not), social sharing, traffic booster, Instant chat, subscriber forms, contact forms and much more.

Further, you can integrate your Sumo app with other third-parties like MailChimp and AWeber. A must have service for every business and website owner.


Piwik at BusinessFry

Piwik is a powerful alternative to Google Analytics (GA). Unlike GA it is completely free and open-source. Being Open-source means you can get access to the code, customize it according to your preferences and host wherever you need.

Piwik helps you to track user behavior, referral information, setting conversion goals and building better user-experience for site visitors.

Google analytics is a free tool but not open-source. Google also get benefited for the data you share with it on GA. Websites dealing with user privacy and do not want to keep everything private can use Piwik on self-hosted servers.

Otherwise, Piwik also comes with an option to host the software on their servers which is a paid plan.

Google Analytics

GoogleAnalytics on BusinessFry

Empowering over 30 million websites (estimation) over the world, GA is one of the most powerful and free tools for webmasters.

GA provides you in-depth analysis of user behavior, interests, demographic information and so much more about your visitors.

You can use this information to make your website more user-friendly, improve the interface, increase conversions and monetize your website according to your preferences.

GA use sophisticated machine learning algorithms on the backend which can help every website including e-commerce, agency, store or else. Further, you can also combine Google Analytics with the mobile and web-applications.


Semrush at BusinessFry

SEMRUSH is one of the top SEO and market analysis platform for digital marketers and business owners. This helps you to analyze the strategies, keywords and backlinks your competitors are using to perform better.

It gives you detailed reports including paid search keywords analysis, keyword density, industry competition, backlink, domain analysis and much more. Semrush gives detailed page analysis reports, landing page reports, and tracks user navigation through your website. It gives you a huge control over your visitor data to outrank competition on Google and generating more conversions for your business.

Companies like Amazon, eBay, and Disnep use Semrush build their strategies.

A Must-Have Tool for a Business Owner Planning to Work Online or Internationally