Themeforest at BusinessFry

Themeforest is a one end marketplace for finding stunning website templates, WordPress themes, design vectors, pictures and 3D files.

It is a widely used and trusted source of finding secure programs to enrich your digital assets. You can search Moodle themes, WordPress themes and even new CMS developed by various agencies and freelancers.

The best part of Themeforest is the security of your files. If you find something malicious in the code you have purchased on it, you will get your full refund. All themes, however, are checked for anything like this so that you get the best.

You can even directly buy readymade websites for a reasonable price on Themeforest if your focus in on development or ask for customization services.

Best Marketplace for WordPress Themes, Videos and Website Designs


nutcache on businessfry

Nutcache is a beautiful and intuitive software for agile development projects. It comes with a reasonable pricing and loads of features for small and medium scale businesses. 

Nutcache helps you to backlog management, story, and task management, scheduling your work and reducing your overall cost of the project.

You should use Nutcache for saving time, meeting deadlines in a better way, managing priorities and for efficient collaboration with your team.

Nutcache is an award-winning project management and collaboration platform and has been featured in popular magazines like Inc. and the Huffington Post. 


Github is a house of code for companies and individual developers. It is a cloud-based programming project management, version control system, and a-kind-of social network for programmers.

Github allows developers to speed up their development and secures their programs with repositories. It is a very lightweight system which you can clone according to your need into your local machine or organize your files online. A highly popular cloud hosting platform for codes which is used in many top organizations including IBM and PayPal.


Laravel on businessfry

Laravel is a beautiful MVC framework written in PHP. With all the good features of PHP and excluding, bads Laravel is what many developers love to work upon.

It is a highly scalable, easy-to-write and secure framework to build amazing applications for your customers. It comes with several additional features which cannot be easy to implement with plain PHP. For example homestead virtualization and Tinker database commands. 

Laracast is official laravel training program. It contains each and every tutorial you need to become a pro Laravel program. 

With Laravel Forge you can deploy your applications on any hosting platform.

Google Firebase

google firebase on businessfry

Google Firebase is a cloud-based interactive database for your mobile applications. This highly ambitious project from Google empowers application owners to get real-time database management, crash reporting, authentication and performance monitoring. 

Further, you can integrate your firebase system with Google Analytics, AdMobs, Adwords and third-party services. You can easily combine your Ionic and Meteor development with Firebase.

Using a cloud hosting service instead of local storage has several benefits including more security and no storage crisis.


Django is a python (which is the most popular high-level language) based framework to develop applications with more speed and ease.

It has many features like security, pre-built in dashboard management system, authentication APIs and much more to speed up a development process. 

Django (pronounced as Jango) is based on MVC (model-view-controller) structure and very fast when it comes to running up your applications. Being a python based framework all the APIs available on python can be easily get integrated with Django applications.

You can integrate Django with apache, Negix, SQLite (comes by default), MySQL and No-SQL databases with available commands.

The main purpose to use Django as your core development framework could be reducing your development time, reducing complexions and increasing security in your applications.


Meteor on BusinessFry

Javascript empowers 100% of the web applications and more than 20% of native applications mobiles and desktop combined. Meteor is a great platform to unleash the power of Javascript. 

Meteor is an open-source framework to develop and deploy your applications in javascript. The best part of building on Meteor is you only need to develop an app once and you can deploy it for all platforms including windows, android, and iOS.

Meteor is built on AngularJS, Cordova, MongoJS and similar technologies. Which makes it a scalable and developer friendly framework. 

It works on state-of-the-art MVC architecture. One of the coolest projects built on Meteor is CodeFight which is a coding competition platform. You can host your applications on your servers or ask Meteor for a galaxy hosting service.


StartApp on BusinessFry

StartApp is a great opportunity for the startups and individuals working on mobile applications. As a developer, you will have the opportunity to earn from your application through StartApp ads. As a business owner looking for an advertising opportunity, you can submit your campaigns to the platform.

StartApp is kind of Google Adsense specifically for the mobile platform. Also, you can track user activities, analyze and give your users a better experience. 

One amazing feature of StartApp is SODA or SOcial DAta platform. This is specifically made for dating and social networking websites. It allows social apps to combine and simplify the user data. 


Toptal is an advanced freelance marketplace to fulfill your project requirement. They select only top 3% from thousands of freelancers' applications they receive every month to work with them. 

Every project undergoes a unique process and given to the best available person you select. Brands like Airbnb, HP, and J.P. Morgan are some clients who trust Toptal.

Toptal has an amazing community of developers throughout the world. The best part about hiring a freelancer from Toptal is you don't need to worry about the quality of work. Every single freelancer on the platform is highly talented and undergoes a hard recruitment process before he gets selected.


Fiverr is a highly popular and quality marketplace for entrepreneurs and business leaders. You can search, find, and hire freelancers for your projects and businesses on Fiverr.

Freelance agencies, and solopreneurs sale their services on Fiverr called Gigs. The minimum Gig is $5 per service. You can use it to find freelancers for writing, businesses, design, music, videos and more for a reasonable price.

If you are a side-hustler, Fiverr is a good opportunity to sell your skills to earn an active side income in your free time. As a business owner, you can outsource your some projects to reduce your workload.