SEO Powersuit

SEO Powersuit at BusinessFry

SEO Powersuit from Link-Assistant is the #01 automated SEO tool used by over 2 million users including Amazon, Disney, and Microsoft to outrank their competitors.

It does every single job to skyrocket your company's search engine performance and conversions. It includes rank tracker to keyword and market analysis, website auditor for site auditing and on-page optimization, SEO spyGlasses to track backlinks, and Link Assistant to build and manage your backlinks.

SEO Powersuit is a complete SEO toolkit to be used by agencies and companies. It is an award-winning company which has been featured in the magazine like Forbes and SearchEngineWatch.

Screaming Frog


Screaming Frog is an on-page SEO analysis tool widely used by various companies and professionals.

It does almost all the jobs to help you in optimizing your web-pages to perform on search engine rankings and social media platforms.

One of the best parts of Screaming Frog, it's free and is compatible with almost every type of operating systems. You can download it on your Linux, Windows, and Mac and start analyzing URLs for on-page SEO.

It can check for redirects, broken links, analyze titles and meta tags, generate XML sitemaps, audit href attributes, identify duplicate pages, and review meta-robots and directives. It does all of it for free.


Semrush at BusinessFry

SEMRUSH is one of the top SEO and market analysis platform for digital marketers and business owners. This helps you to analyze the strategies, keywords and backlinks your competitors are using to perform better.

It gives you detailed reports including paid search keywords analysis, keyword density, industry competition, backlink, domain analysis and much more. Semrush gives detailed page analysis reports, landing page reports, and tracks user navigation through your website. It gives you a huge control over your visitor data to outrank competition on Google and generating more conversions for your business.

Companies like Amazon, eBay, and Disnep use Semrush build their strategies.

A Must-Have Tool for a Business Owner Planning to Work Online or Internationally


Fiverr is a highly popular and quality marketplace for entrepreneurs and business leaders. You can search, find, and hire freelancers for your projects and businesses on Fiverr.

Freelance agencies, and solopreneurs sale their services on Fiverr called Gigs. The minimum Gig is $5 per service. You can use it to find freelancers for writing, businesses, design, music, videos and more for a reasonable price.

If you are a side-hustler, Fiverr is a good opportunity to sell your skills to earn an active side income in your free time. As a business owner, you can outsource your some projects to reduce your workload.



drumup social media engaggement

Ever wondered how top professionals promote their pages that they become so popular. Many of them are using DrumUp to make it happen.

DrumpUp is an award-winning platform and has featured on the sites like Forbes, TNW, and Entrepreneur. It helps you to curate the best content for your audiences by mining through top content on the web in real time, managing your social media performance for the best conversions and to play with every sphere of the content marketing.

With the help of highly efficient data mining techniques, it helps you to stay engaged with your followers by sharing the most valuable content with them.

Media.Net (Official Bing, Yahoo Network) is the biggest contextual advertising platform after Google AdWords. Backed with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, it helps advertisers worldwide to increase their brand visibility, website traffic and hence more conversions for their respective businesses.

After signing up to the platform you will be given a personal dashboard to manage your ad campaigns and run them smoothly. Your ads will be visible to the publisher network according to your preferences.

You can choose from the options like whom you want to show these ads, to which geographic locations and for which demographs.