MailBeez at BusinessFry

MailBeez is an award-winning e-commerce email marketing tool with brilliant features to boost your online business. It helps you to increase your customer loyalty, engagement, and potential sales.

It comes with loads of amazing tools for your customers like automated coupons, complete automation, and Intelligent emails (birthday emails, welcome emails, notification, coupon expiry and loads of more).

Mailbeez supports ZenCart, osCommerce, and more. Further, you can integrate it with MailChimp, Newsletter2Go, and other applications too.

It is an award-winning program rated 9.6/10 on TrustPilot. You can integrate your application with Google Analytics or Piwik to get the detailed stat of your campaigns.


Mailigen at BusinessFry

Mailigen is a lesser known, yet an efficient email marketing automation software. It is also one of the best alternatives to MailChimp. The software is compatible with almost all operating systems including Mac, Linux, Windows, and Android. 

Mailigen helps you to design beautiful emails, automate them and experiment with them. It comes with detailed stats which helps you to identify loopholes and to optimize your further campaigns. You can integrate your emails with RSS feeds and social media accounts. 

Real-time performance stat helps you to learn about your emails which you can integrate with Google Analytics to get ROI and click through rates.



MailChimp at BusinessFry

MailChimp is an email marketing automation and scheduling tool. It comes with an economical pricing and loads of features to boost up your sales.

It helps you to create great emails for your email database. You can create and integrate signup forms and manage list from your dashboard. Also, you can integrate RSS feeds and integrate with each other to send automated emails when you publish a new product or blog post. MailChimp comes with the detailed stats, A/B testing, and social media integrations.

You can start using it for free and you will be charged as your requirements grow. Backed with machine learning (deep-learning) algorithms, MailChimp is a powerful email scheduling tool for any kind of business.


Sumo is a powerful toolkit to skyrocket your traffic and conversions. It is a no-coding-required tool you can integrate directly into your website and manage it directly.

Sumo gives you some fantastic features like Heatmaps (tracking user clicks), content analysis (if the user likes your content or not), social sharing, traffic booster, Instant chat, subscriber forms, contact forms and much more.

Further, you can integrate your Sumo app with other third-parties like MailChimp and AWeber. A must have service for every business and website owner.