Godaddy at BusinessFry

Godaddy is a very popular domain name registration and hosting company. It is an award-winning company having more than 17 million customers and 72 million domain registrations worldwide.

Professionals and business owners can use Godaddy to research and select domain name for their business, host their websites, get SSL/TLS (https) certificate for your domain name, WHOIS security, Buy business Emails and similar services.

You can ask for website builder, WordPress Hosting, E-commerce software (Magento, Bigcommerce) hosting on Godaddy.



Github is a house of code for companies and individual developers. It is a cloud-based programming project management, version control system, and a-kind-of social network for programmers.

Github allows developers to speed up their development and secures their programs with repositories. It is a very lightweight system which you can clone according to your need into your local machine or organize your files online. A highly popular cloud hosting platform for codes which is used in many top organizations including IBM and PayPal.


Meteor on BusinessFry

Javascript empowers 100% of the web applications and more than 20% of native applications mobiles and desktop combined. Meteor is a great platform to unleash the power of Javascript. 

Meteor is an open-source framework to develop and deploy your applications in javascript. The best part of building on Meteor is you only need to develop an app once and you can deploy it for all platforms including windows, android, and iOS.

Meteor is built on AngularJS, Cordova, MongoJS and similar technologies. Which makes it a scalable and developer friendly framework. 

It works on state-of-the-art MVC architecture. One of the coolest projects built on Meteor is CodeFight which is a coding competition platform. You can host your applications on your servers or ask Meteor for a galaxy hosting service.


infiniteWP on businessFry

WordPress empowers more than 55% of successful businesses and institutes in one or another way. infiniteWP is a house for many of them like Honda, IBM, SiteGround, and United States Postal Service.

InfiniteWP provides world-class infrastructure to manage multiple WordPress websites together, keeping all secure and to let them perform best. 

Some of the promising features of Infinite are their rock-solid security, team-management system and fast speed. Their clients are from almost every horizon including governments, institutions, and businesses.



If you are searching the best and strongest cloud infrastructure for your enterprise or startup Rackspace is for you. More than just a cloud service provider, Rackspace is known for providing solid world-class infrastructure with the great 24x7 support.

From business intelligence and ERP to a rock solid deployment environment,  it provides everything you need. They are an official partner with all the top cloud providers like Microsoft, AWS, Google, and OpenStack. In other words, Rackspace is a one end shop for all the cloud services your digital infrastructure needs to deploy a secure application.

Some notifiable platforms they offer are Microsoft Azure, Private Cloud, OpenStack public cloud. Their major clients are the enterprises and governments.

Amazon Web Service


AWS from Amazon is another popular hosting solutions for all types of businesses and startups at any scale. Comes with a handful of applications from storage, deployment and hosting to reasonable pay-as-you-go plans, AWS is a good option to choose.

Variety of training is provided regularly from Amazon to keep you synchronized with the latest trends and technologies related to your plan. 

One of the coolest features of Amazon Web Service is AWS IoT which is capable of transacting 2,50,000 messages per month all over the world.

The only drawback with AWS is a learning curve and ambiguous interface which can cost much bigger amount to you if not handled with care.



HostGator is one of the most popular reseller and shared hosting platform. Small businesses can take benefits of their cheapest pricing model comes with great options.

Other than the mentioned, Hostgator also provides VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated hosting solution. It has been recognized and featured in various places for great customer support and great uptime.

Hostgator has been featured on WPBeginner and PCMag for their services. You can use it for Domain registration, business emails, website and application hosting for a reasonable price. 


A2Hosting on businessfry

A2Hosting is an award-winning company provides self-managed and shared hosting solutions to the individuals and companies.

Some of the major features make them superior from the competitors are their fast speed, better uptime, and FREE SSL (Let's encrypt) integration.

The prices are reasonable and you are provided with the option to select an automatically configured speed and security setting if you are using a CMS like WordPress or Drupal.

Many top cyber security training experts recommend A2Hosting for these reasons. You can use it for hosting static site, portfolio or an entire system with Dedicated, shared, Cloud or VPS hosting plans.


Looking for a solid infrastructure which can ensure 99.99% uptime with the fastest speed for your applications. DigitialOcean might be the end of your pursuit.

With the droplets (literally) from DigitalOcean which are available in Windows and Linux flavor, you can create robust applications to empower your business for a very reasonable price.

DigitalOcean is a highly secure cloud hosting platform comes with dozens of features a great application require. Some of them include cloud firewalls, dynamic IPs, Load Balancer, and API support.