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skillshare on busineesfry

Skillshare is a unique platform to learn creative courses and empower your teams. The quality of videos provided on Skillshare is amazing and courses are special.

Unlike other platforms, Skillshare provides courses in business, design etc along with drawing and crafting as well. Real-time progress reports and community of over 2 million students worldwide makes it a great platform to find an inspirational skill.

Team plans for businesses and communities are also available on Skillshare. They provide scholarship and free one month access to the students.

One of the coolest features of Skillshare is project-based learning. They conduct several projects and workshops along with online classes to optimize learning.


Pluralsight is an interactive e-learning platform for tech-enthusiast. It provides a variety of courses from designing to information security and programming for individuals and teams.

Pluralsight is comparatively newer but advanced learning platform. The instructors on Pluralsight are the industry leaders and experts. Quality of content is quite high. The courses are easy to understand and features are amazing.

One of the coolest features of Pluralsight is IQ, which is a Free test to tell you if you fit with the upcoming technologies or not.

They are already working with thousands of companies like Cisco and ADP to train their teams. As a business owner or an individual, you can learn from pluralsight to boost your business performance by getting skills in right technologies.


coursera on businessfry

Coursera is a unique initiative from Stanford where deemed universities from various countries place their courses. The courses, since placed by the institutions themselves, are of the great quality. Courses on Coursera range from business, leadership, personal development to technology and data science.

You as an entrepreneur, solopreneur or a business owner, can use Coursera to get your master degree in your favorite subjects and skills. Or you can use Coursera for Business to empower your teams by providing access to the top courses from 150 universities. It comes with several features like the personalized learning experience and real-time learner tracking.

Some of the major attractions, of course, are machine learning and psychology courses. You can participate in a forum to connect with other learners, ask your doubts and save your learning. You will a certificate of completion after finishing the course and a quiz exam.


Udemy is a home of over 55000 courses and over a million students from all over the world. You can learn and improve any new skills or improve which you already have with some of the great courses available on it.

It is a general learning platform so the catalog is huge. The courses on Udemy varies from photography and content to some serious programming and business development.

Some of the courses on Udemy can also help you to generate your side-passive-income or boosting your performance. Also, entrepreneurs can become an instructor on Udemy to earn huge from the courses.