Google Keywords planner

GoogleKeywordsPlanner at BusinessFry

Google Keywords Planner is a part of Google Adwords program. This is the most popular tool to find the exact search queries with search volume about what people use. 

GKP has recently enhanced and came up with several new features. This "free" tool is also capable to extract search queries your potential customers can use to reach your website. It gives you the bidding difficulty in search marketing for these keywords and other suggestions according to your preference to make your campaign more profitable.

Keyword Planner, however, is restricted to Google searches only and can not give Bing and other search engine data like Semrush.

Google Market Finder

Market finder from Google

Google Market Finder is a useful tool to research on your potential markets. It gives you the exact idea and suggestions about what people are looking at.

For example, It will give you the number of queries people have made to search something or similar. Also, how your potential customers are using the internet and what their disposable income is.

You can use this information to create your global business plan.

Example: You are a business owner in soap production and sales niche, Google Market finder will help you to find various search queries people are using to find similar products. 

You can research competition, economical ppc keywords, search volume for your campaigns, and much more by using this data.

Google Trends

Google Trends on BusinessFry

Google Trends is an open data platform to analyze what's trending (and what isn't) over the world. This tool helps business owners to visualize and analyze various data like search queries and topics trending in various parts of the world.

For example, Google trends data shows how many people are interested in your company (if it's large enough) or what kind of searches people are using and how this trend has varied in the past years (or months).

This information can be widely used to understand your targeted audience, interests of people in a specific region and to make a great business strategy.



Semrush at BusinessFry

SEMRUSH is one of the top SEO and market analysis platform for digital marketers and business owners. This helps you to analyze the strategies, keywords and backlinks your competitors are using to perform better.

It gives you detailed reports including paid search keywords analysis, keyword density, industry competition, backlink, domain analysis and much more. Semrush gives detailed page analysis reports, landing page reports, and tracks user navigation through your website. It gives you a huge control over your visitor data to outrank competition on Google and generating more conversions for your business.

Companies like Amazon, eBay, and Disnep use Semrush build their strategies.

A Must-Have Tool for a Business Owner Planning to Work Online or Internationally