SocialPilot management software

SocialPilot is a social media management and growth tool for online business owners and professionals. It can automate and manage your social media campaigns effectively to reach maximum output with minimum budget.

Even though SocialPilot is made for social media agencies and professionals you can use it if your marketing heavily relies on social media channels and you need to boost your visibility and sales through them.

You can create multiple accounts, manage them, connect in teams, manage clients and get feeds and suggestions to run your campaigns. 

SocialPilot has been awarded for its great user experience by FinencesOnline and more than 75,000 individuals and companies are using it.

Users have recommended SocialPilot over similar tools like Buffer and Hootsuite.


coursera on businessfry

Coursera is a unique initiative from Stanford where deemed universities from various countries place their courses. The courses, since placed by the institutions themselves, are of the great quality. Courses on Coursera range from business, leadership, personal development to technology and data science.

You as an entrepreneur, solopreneur or a business owner, can use Coursera to get your master degree in your favorite subjects and skills. Or you can use Coursera for Business to empower your teams by providing access to the top courses from 150 universities. It comes with several features like the personalized learning experience and real-time learner tracking.

Some of the major attractions, of course, are machine learning and psychology courses. You can participate in a forum to connect with other learners, ask your doubts and save your learning. You will a certificate of completion after finishing the course and a quiz exam.

Google Adwords

With no doubts, Google Adwords is the most popular marketing platform on the web. The program is one of the primary sources of companies revenue and powers more than 40% websites to build it for themselves.

With a variety of contextual advertisement programs including search ads, video ads, display advertisement, native advertisement and text ads; Google AdWords is a really powerful tool for every business owner. 

You will be provided with a handful of various tools and a dedicated manager from the company which will ensure your success in the game. One of the most popular marketing research application "KeyWord Planner" is a part of Google Adwords project.

Further, you can set your goals, integrate it with google analytics to measure performance and customize every part of the campaign to get the highest ROI.


drumup social media engaggement

Ever wondered how top professionals promote their pages that they become so popular. Many of them are using DrumUp to make it happen.

DrumpUp is an award-winning platform and has featured on the sites like Forbes, TNW, and Entrepreneur. It helps you to curate the best content for your audiences by mining through top content on the web in real time, managing your social media performance for the best conversions and to play with every sphere of the content marketing.

With the help of highly efficient data mining techniques, it helps you to stay engaged with your followers by sharing the most valuable content with them.

Media.Net (Official Bing, Yahoo Network) is the biggest contextual advertising platform after Google AdWords. Backed with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, it helps advertisers worldwide to increase their brand visibility, website traffic and hence more conversions for their respective businesses.

After signing up to the platform you will be given a personal dashboard to manage your ad campaigns and run them smoothly. Your ads will be visible to the publisher network according to your preferences.

You can choose from the options like whom you want to show these ads, to which geographic locations and for which demographs.


Business owners often struggle for quality traffic on their websites. Taboola is a premium quality content publishing platform for businesses looking for content-oriented traffic (hence conversions) on their blogs or websites.

Taboola provides native advertising, contextual content advertising solutions to the website owners. Your content will be showing up on selected publisher sites connected with them. Since they accept websites with very high quality by carefully looking at them; it may boost your traffic up to 82% (comes in their recent survey).

Taboola is a highly popular platform and already working directly with companies like Yahoo, MSN and NBC


Being one of the largest house of affiliate advertisers on the internet, ShareASale is a powerful tool to grow your business exponentially.

You, as a business owner, will need to create an advertiser account on ShareASale which will be manually verified. You can track your affiliate publishers, sales and conversions all with ShareASale. You can manage and create new advertisements, pick the best affiliate publishers and reward them to motivate them to bring more conversions (hence more sales) for your business.

ShareASale is an award-winning platform for businesses and operating for more than last 17 years.