CryptoCurrency – (Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple)

Bitcoin at BusinessFry

Unlike traditional payments Bitcoin is something new and innovative. With Bitcoin (and with other cryptocurrencies) you can send and receive payments in seconds. Bitcoin, as compared to other currencies, is however slow in it and takes several minutes for completing transactions.

Cryptocurrencies use digital wallets to save your money and these are quite volatile in nature. However, some cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Bitcoins, and Etherium for accepting payment may help you to increase revenue in long run.

If you are running an IoT business, IOTA and Etherium Classic is a currency worth looking at.

  • Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency.
  • There are more fraud currencies than the trusted ones.
  • This is not an advice to use Cryptocurrencies


Payoneer at BusinessFry

Payoneer is an economical alternative to PayPal which saves about 70% (according to our results) while doing international transactions.

Whether you are running an affiliate program and want to pay in bulk or want to pay individually, Payoneer is a great way. It provides a secure infrastructure which is also useful for professionals looking for a convenient payment gateway to receive cross-border payments from clients abroad.

Payoneer provides a prepaid MasterCard which you can use at all the ATMs and online sites which accept MasterCard debit cards. A growing company with a huge potential.


PayPal at BusinessFry

PayPal is a widely accepted cross-border payment system for any kind of business. You can accept and send payment very easily with PayPal in most of the countries over the world.

It allows you to create your personalized business page and manage your global payments at one place. PayPal is a highly secure system which you can integrate on your website, marketplace or on your emails.

PayPal system is good for businesses, freelancers, and solopreneurs equally. The sender can send money in her local currency which is converted with some exchange fee. You can withdraw the amount into your local accounts without any hassle.