teamwork at BusinessFry

TeamWork is a complete and standalone project management program with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. With project management abilities, TeamWork Chat (Free), and TeamWork Desk, the program is worth looking at once.

It comes with a great pricing and multiple features like time-tracking, messages, integration and Gantt chart, world-class security and much, much more.

TeamWork has a beautiful navigation and collaboration features to work in teams. The handful of tutorials are yet provided to jump-start your journey and build something productive.

Various teams from the companies like Lenovo, Forbes, PayPal, and HP trust TeamWork to enhance their project management. Currently, over 20,000 small, medium, and large-scale businesses are using TeamWork according to their stat.


AgileCRM at BusinessFry

AgileCRM is a useful software and one of the premium alternative to Hubspot for marketing and sales automation, web-engagements, email tracking and a number of other necessary tasks.

AgileCRM is one of the fasted growing CRM application to solve your multiple problems for a reasonable price. Business owners and professionals can use it for Sales engagement, Customer service, and marketing automation. Further, Multiple versions including real-estate, e-commerce, SaaS, call-centers and a few more are available to satisfy your all needs.

It is an award-winning company with a great customer support. You can integrate your software with multiple other third-party applications according to your need.

HeyFocus (Focus Application)

HeyFocus on BusinessFry

The focus is a useful application to restore your focus and to stop distractions.

HeyFocus has been featured at many places like Forbes and Entrepreneur for its usability.

It deters URLs like facebook, twitter or others and stops distracting you from your work. You can work continuously and set 5-10 minute brakes between the sessions. 

The application is very user-friendly and would be useful for people who find it hard to focus while working. Every time when it blocks a URL it gives you an inspirational quotation to let your determination high.


Evernote on BusinessFry

Evernote is a widely used application which helps you to pin ideas whenever you find them. You can pin anything you find useful while accessing the internet so that you can use it later.

It allows you to share your work with other people to increase collaboration as well. With a business version of Evernote, you can clip your work and share with your team. 

Evernote helps you to organize your work by saving important documents, backing'em up periodically, giving features like search data quickly and sharing abilities. 


pCloud on BusinessFry

Cloud Data Security is always a concern when it comes to a technology business. LinkedIn, SnapChat and Coca-Cola along with millions of other companies thus trust pCloud for their data storage.

pCloud helps to keep your documents, music, photos and anything else related to your business into a highly secure cloud infrastructure. They use a self-developed highly secure crypt-algorithm to ensure a military class security. 

It comes with some outstanding features like file management, collaboration, file versioning and highest-level security. Further, it is compatible with almost every device including Linux, Windows, web-browsers, and Android.

pCloud is an award-winning company and has been featured in most of the top magazines and publications along with Forbes and TNW.


Sumo is a powerful toolkit to skyrocket your traffic and conversions. It is a no-coding-required tool you can integrate directly into your website and manage it directly.

Sumo gives you some fantastic features like Heatmaps (tracking user clicks), content analysis (if the user likes your content or not), social sharing, traffic booster, Instant chat, subscriber forms, contact forms and much more.

Further, you can integrate your Sumo app with other third-parties like MailChimp and AWeber. A must have service for every business and website owner.


Semrush at BusinessFry

SEMRUSH is one of the top SEO and market analysis platform for digital marketers and business owners. This helps you to analyze the strategies, keywords and backlinks your competitors are using to perform better.

It gives you detailed reports including paid search keywords analysis, keyword density, industry competition, backlink, domain analysis and much more. Semrush gives detailed page analysis reports, landing page reports, and tracks user navigation through your website. It gives you a huge control over your visitor data to outrank competition on Google and generating more conversions for your business.

Companies like Amazon, eBay, and Disnep use Semrush build their strategies.

A Must-Have Tool for a Business Owner Planning to Work Online or Internationally


StartApp on BusinessFry

StartApp is a great opportunity for the startups and individuals working on mobile applications. As a developer, you will have the opportunity to earn from your application through StartApp ads. As a business owner looking for an advertising opportunity, you can submit your campaigns to the platform.

StartApp is kind of Google Adsense specifically for the mobile platform. Also, you can track user activities, analyze and give your users a better experience. 

One amazing feature of StartApp is SODA or SOcial DAta platform. This is specifically made for dating and social networking websites. It allows social apps to combine and simplify the user data. 


Grammarly is an automated software to help you curate better content by pointing out your writing mistakes as you go with your work. It also detects plagiarism in your work effectively.

The software can be easily integrated with your web browsers, Office applications as it comes with native desktop and mobile applications. The service uses Artificial intelligence and Natural language processing to perform its operations. Writers, students, professors, and professionals from all over the globe use Grammarly in their work.

You can use Grammarly for sending error-free emails, publishing better content, finding plagiarism in some one's work and for more.