Recast.AI is a developer-friendly bot development and management system for fast and intelligent programs. 

The company is founded in 2015 and has come as a popular platform for collaborative bot development and training. One of the best parts of the platform, it is free for an individual use which you can use to build and train an unlimited number of bot programs.

Companies can ask for the pricing on their website. You can use Recast APIs to build your bots, train them, connect them with other bots and platforms and finally, to host and analyze their performance.


Empowering 28% of all the internet, WordPress is the biggest, free and open-source platform to manage your websites.

More than 50% of the e-commerce sites use Woo-Commerce WordPress to run their stores. Some of the top sites using WordPress are Facebook (blog), Sony, MTV, TechCrunch and hundreds of more.

WordPress comes in two flavors: one is the Free website which you can host on It has limited features and you get a free subdomain from WordPress to run it. Your website will look somewhat like this:

Another one is a software package you can download from which you can host on any server. You can change anything in the code, install from thousands of free and premium themes and plugins and build any type of website.

WordPress Resources on BusinessFry


Magento at BusinessFry

Magento is another e-commerce platform to run your online sale business successfully. It empowers more than 10% of top e-commerce stores. You can easily set up, customize and manage your online store with Magento open-source platform.

One of the coolest features of Magento is Business Intelligence which helps you to take better decisions according to the customized information.

You can easily integrate hundreds of third-party plugins and themes with your stores. One of the ideal places to start looking is ThemeForest

Every year more than $50 billion transactions happen with Magento stores all over the world. It can be a good option for business owners and merchants.


Woocommerce at Businessfry

Empowering over 40% online stores ( to run their e-commerce program successfully, Woocommerce for WordPress is the easiest to setup and manage for companies. The best part about Woocommerce, it is free and open-source. You can use and customize it all according to your needs.

Woocommerce is provided via WordPress plugin which you can use to manage your virtual stores, orders, payments, and invoices. Various third-party plugins and themes are also available to use with Woocommerce.

You can add Tax details like VAT, GST and create your coupons users can redeem while buying from you. MyThemeShop or ThemeForest are two of the great source to find best themes to run your woocommerce stores since it gets customized with your WordPress theme.



Piwik at BusinessFry

Piwik is a powerful alternative to Google Analytics (GA). Unlike GA it is completely free and open-source. Being Open-source means you can get access to the code, customize it according to your preferences and host wherever you need.

Piwik helps you to track user behavior, referral information, setting conversion goals and building better user-experience for site visitors.

Google analytics is a free tool but not open-source. Google also get benefited for the data you share with it on GA. Websites dealing with user privacy and do not want to keep everything private can use Piwik on self-hosted servers.

Otherwise, Piwik also comes with an option to host the software on their servers which is a paid plan.