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Business VPN is a security solution that lets your team connect to the same server(s) and have access to the data you want to protect from prying eyes. It will allow you and your employees to connect to the corporate VPN server and be within one local network from anywhere in the world.

Take total control of your network and enjoy plenty of benefits for different needs of your company with Business VPN by KeepSolid.

Premium VPN server list
Get Personal Servers exclusively for your business to test your international products, verify ad campaigns, and much more.

Flexibility and speed
Your colleagues can choose between available private VPN servers to get a better performance. They also have an opportunity to use shared VPN servers from all over the world.

Management Portal
Easily create and manage teams, invite employees, and provide them with access to a specific private VPN server with a single easy-to-use Control centre.

Corporate Data Protection
Apply a military-grade encryption to your system, including your business communications and customers’ data.

High-Priority Support
Our dedicated Customer Service is available 24/7 via email. Also, we provide Live Chat and Phone Calls support. Your questions will be answered promptly and professionally!

7 Day Free Trial
You have 7 days to make sure you are happy with our services before you pay for anything. Find out why our solution suits you best!

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Tossable Digits

Using virtual numbers for your business purpose can help you to maintain your privacy and look more professional. "Tossable digits" is an economical service to get an international or local virtual number for your business and private use. 

You can get a virtual number from the company whose calls will be transferred to your personal phone number. You can answer, forward, let the caller leave a voice message and can do everything you do with your original number.

Some of the coolest features of Tossable Digits are Toll-free numbers, local numbers, Unlimited Calls and message recording.

If you want to integrate their service with your own system, they have an API support available.


pCloud on BusinessFry

Cloud Data Security is always a concern when it comes to a technology business. LinkedIn, SnapChat and Coca-Cola along with millions of other companies thus trust pCloud for their data storage.

pCloud helps to keep your documents, music, photos and anything else related to your business into a highly secure cloud infrastructure. They use a self-developed highly secure crypt-algorithm to ensure a military class security. 

It comes with some outstanding features like file management, collaboration, file versioning and highest-level security. Further, it is compatible with almost every device including Linux, Windows, web-browsers, and Android.

pCloud is an award-winning company and has been featured in most of the top magazines and publications along with Forbes and TNW.


Bitdefender at BusinessFry

Bitdefender is an award-winning cyber security solution for homes, businesses and for personal use. It provides head-to-tail security solutions to secure your enterprise or startup infrastructure.

With an adoptive, layered endpoint cloud security you can stop worrying about your cloud data protection from hackers. 

Bitdefender keeps your organization intact from cyber threats like Exploits, Malware, and ransomware. It provides security from every device including mobiles and Mac or Windows running systems. It also helps you to prevent against zero-day attacks and keyloggers.

Bitdefender is a trusted name and many big brands are relying on their services. The company has been awarded for security on AV-TEST and Virus Bulletin.


NordVPN for Business

NordVPN is a world-class Virtual Private Server (VPN) for a military-grade connection security for any organization or individual.

VPNs and Proxies help to protect your real location and identity while accessing the internet. It keeps you separate by navigating data packets through their secure servers.

NordVPN is an award-winning program which is good for businesses too. It keeps data sharing among clients and co-workers secure, keeps online financial transactions secure, keeps you secure in the countries where there is high internet surveillance, and protect you on public WiFi.

An entrepreneur can test out products and websites over 1200+ virtual locations while sitting in one place. VPN also protects you to reveal your real identity while market research.

NordVPN has been tested and came out as the best available security with double-encryption for individual and organization.

Even though there are various free VPN applications are present, a professional should never use them as they can be more way dangerous to send passwords, usernames, and other data than no proxy system.


INCAPSULA at BusinessFry

Security for a tech-business is highly crucial and should be the first priority. With the huge increment in the recent cases, it is now a must-have step to secure your data and digital assets from hackers.

Incapsula is a wonderful company offers several products to have a state-of-the-art security for your websites.

It helps to keep your website secure from DDos, Name server attacks, infrastructure attacks. It offers products like CND (Content delivery network) for smooth delivery from your servers, Web application firewall, Load balancers, monitoring services for your website and much more to build a secure digital platform for your company.

Incapsula is a trusted name in the industry and they provide their services to all kinds of businesses ranging from startups to enterprises. Some of the customers of them are XOOM, MOZ, and Wix.


SSL Certificates for business

SSL is a popular abbreviation of the secure socket layer. With the increasing theft in digital transactions using secure protocol is crucial for your business.

Using HTTPS instead of HTTP helps you in many ways. Very important two aspects are, visitor's trust upon your platform and another is the protection of communication with every other website and users.

Platforms asking for membership credentials like passwords and sensitive information like bank details and credit cards must use SSL to avoid problems later.

SSL.COM is an authentic platform to get your SSL certificates for your website. It provides certificates to enterprises, governments, large organizations like United Nations and NASA.

DMCA.COM on BusinessFry

DMCA or digital millennium copyright act is United States copyright law which prevents digital copyrights of the owners.

Well, DMCA.COM is actually a company which helps you to prevent content theft and piracy of your data.

In this digital age, it is very easy to copy your hard-work and paste it to some other website. DMCA.COM protects your legal data from the digital robbers by giving access to you to some tools and software.

You can use DMCA for finding if someone is copying your content, monitoring your content security, takedown theft content from other's website.

They are working with several governments and law firms to do this. They also provide various DIY tools and a website protection badge to deter the thieves to steal content from your site.