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BusinessFry is a collection of over 150 selected products, services, and resources to help entrepreneurs like you. While doing it, we have made many friends in a short time. They love reading and keep coming back to the site. Further, new friends are also coming here to read more interesting stories.

If you are an Entrepreneur, writer, story-teller, or a blogger looking for a place to share anything “Original”, BusinessFry welcomes you from the bottom of the heart.

Let’s discuss benefits of publishing here.

  • Highly targeted visitors. 90% of the visitors are entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. This is a highly targeted number. Anything useful will be presented to them.
  • do-follow backlinks with every submission. Take my words. Submit an original and high-quality post and get 1 do-follow link to your website from that page.
  • A tweet from @BusinessFry.

This is it for now. A few writers may also rewarded $10-50 per post for exceptional article submission.


  • Choose a good keyword while writing, write for humans but don’t leave search engines behind. Optimize your content by proper LSI keywords.


  • [Free website to find LSI keywords]
  • Semrush [Free website to find trending keywords and popularity on search engines]
  • Be original, stay away from any kind of¬†plagiarism. Never, ever repost the article submitted to us on any other platform.
  • Don’t use article generators. We hate PR bots.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes, long sentences, and keyword stuffing.
  • Provide value in your article. If you want to promote your business, you are most welcome. But promotion without value is not acceptable.
  • Make your article of¬†at least 800 words. Less than this is likely to get rejected.
  • Use images and links properly. Make smaller sentences and paragraphs.

How to publish your article on BusinessFry?

You can zip all of your content (text [doc], images, links) and send to manage[@] We will get back to you in case your article is get accepted within a week.

We use WordPress as a platform. You can send me a quick email if you are familiar with the WordPress backend. We will give you a temporary access to submit your post directly.

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