LinkedIn at BusinessFry

LinkedIn is a popular social media network and one of the best way to find your new team members.

You can run your job-advertisements, create groups to connect with your current members and create your brand profile with LinkedIn.

They provide several guides, resources, and tools to make your hiring campaigns successful. With a premium LinkedIn hiring plans you can post jobs, select candidates and manage candidate relationship.

Google Plus

Google perhaps launched G+ to compete with Facebook. Even though it can not be called as that successful it was aiming to become at the beginning, it is a powerful tool for business owners for sure.

Google plus posts are the first to get recognized by Google search engines. It comes with great profile customization which increases your domain authority and trust. Google plus contains some of the biggest user communities in several niches. 

Regular posting on Google plus, connecting your profile with GoogleMyBusiness, Youtube etc will definitely help to grow your business.


Quora is the biggest QA website (where people ask and answer questions) on the planet. As they describe themselves, A mission to share and grow world's knowledge, Quora is full of high-quality content, great writers, and amazing questions.

Quora is not a platform for every user but any kind of business can utilize the power of it by creating a business profile, business blog and by advertising on Quora.

Quora pages outrank on search engine results keeping you ahead of your competitor, help you to grow heavily if you share value to the readers. Being a platform of loyal readers it can open great opportunity to grow your business.

Our suggestion is to create a profile and answer questions in your niche. It will not only encourage people to visit your business website but also boost your brand visibility and sales. You can use a personal profile or a company profile to register on Quora.


A platform owned by Facebook, Instagram can be a useful tool for businesses whose potential customers like to see visuals. For example, Food businesses, Travel businesses, Hotels, Unique products can take benefits of Instagram as people already look for the same on it.

Instagram provides 60 sec video posting and image posting with manual filters to enhance quality. It has been come out in the survey that video engagement is 300% higher than texts which show the usefulness of Instagram for businesses.

Instagram advertisement can be run from your facebook advertisement manager with the same settings. Instagram can be a highly effective way (proven) for most of the businesses which are looking to promote their brands with short videos and images.


With no explanations needed, Facebook is the largest active user base on the planet. From the inception, it has been fully grown to an amazing business and a great opportunity to reach your targeted users and building better relationships with your existing clients. With Facebook Apps, Surveys, Brand Pages, and groups you can do extraordinary to present your brand and customer loyalty.

Facebook Ads provide detailed targeting options like interests of users, demographics, geolocation etc which you can choose to make your marketing campaigns more effective. 

Facebook groups are one of the biggest opportunities to build relation and providing values among employees, potential customers, and existing ones. 

Your social media pages are also visible in search engines which makes it a crucial step for your digital marketing plan.