Codefight on BusinessFry

Codefight is an interesting programming platform and an award-winning tech-recruitment platform for business owners. 

Codefight provides a platform to connect with pre-screened talents, source and interview them. It provides you a detailed analytics of your overall recruitment process so that you can find what's working and what is not for you.

It is a San Fransisco based company having a huge industry fanbase. Some of the major names are "Wall-Street Journals", "Ubar" and "Evernote".

You can also create your bots to fight against real players to check if they can win a code-fight with your bot or not. A unique and fantastic platform to search talented workforce for your company.

CodeFight is built upon Meteor JS Framework.


Topcoder at BusinessFry

Being the largest community of designers, programmers and data scientists TopCoder is a great opportunity for companies looking for crowdsourcing their projects.

Topcoder community is spread across every nation in the world connecting more than 1 million programmers and conducts over six thousand crowdsourcing challenges every year.

As an entrepreneur, you can your TopCoder to find programmers, designers to support your ongoing or upcoming projects.


Hackerrank at BusinessFry

Good products need good developers and testers behind them. It is important thus, to hire good programmers to develop your products and services.

Hackerrank is a great way to find programmers, designers, and testers for your company. It helps you to conduct coding contests to find talent, screening and interviewing them. 

Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs looking to brush up their programming skills can play challenges, solve thousands of programs on Hackerrank.