Tossable Digits

Using virtual numbers for your business purpose can help you to maintain your privacy and look more professional. "Tossable digits" is an economical service to get an international or local virtual number for your business and private use. 

You can get a virtual number from the company whose calls will be transferred to your personal phone number. You can answer, forward, let the caller leave a voice message and can do everything you do with your original number.

Some of the coolest features of Tossable Digits are Toll-free numbers, local numbers, Unlimited Calls and message recording.

If you want to integrate their service with your own system, they have an API support available.


eVoice on BusinessFry

eVoice is a professional and economic live receptionist and phone number virtualization service. An award-winning company and provides office virtualization services at a nominal price to the professionals and small-scale business owners.

Live reception service on eVoice is provided by the real people. You can use eVoice to get an auto attendant, free phone number for your business and to virtualize your phonic tasks.

Virtual phone numbers do not only give a professional feel to your business but they also keep your personal and professional information separate. Since it is easy to leak your personal information to the unwanted group, eVoice can be a useful solution.


MightyCall on BusinessFryMightyCall is a popular phone virtualization and number masking service a business or entrepreneur can use. Mightycall is mostly popular for its advanced technology which ensures a quality sound during the calls and collaboration features.

You can use Mightycall for masking your phone numbers and to give your hearer a more professional experience. Use MightyCall for Toll-Free numbers, Auto-receptionist service (press 1 for sale, 2 for support), and call-forwarding. 

Since it's a cloud service, you don't need to add more external hardware to run it. You can simply configure a virtual phone service with app or website and start managing everything from your mobile or PC. 


Startups and professionals often find it difficult to keep their business and personal information separate. Grasshopper is a trusted solution to this problem. Using virtual phone service you can secure your personal information and create a better impression on your customers.

You can manage your calls and messages online and look a better professional company. Use Grasshopper for getting a Virtual phone number, toll-free numbers, voice messages and fax numbers and to give your business a professional look.

Grasshopper is a brilliant company and has featured in magazines like CNN and Forbes. Prices of their services are nominal and all come with a 30-days money back guarantee.