Flippa is a great place to find, buy, and sell your online businesses, established domain names, and websites. Recently, they have also introduced an option to sell your android and iOS applications as well. 

Websites and apps are categorized into several categories like established sites, starter sites, domain only, most active etc. The prices vary from project to project but on both sides, a seller as well as a buyer, you can expect a good profit you are well prepared for your purchase.

Envato Element

Envato element license

Envato Element is a very useful platform to unlock over 410,000 items like business Images, Graphics, Presentations, Themes, Plugins and much more with a single license.

Recently, they have added WordPress to the list. Now some great themes and plugins for your e-commerce, blogs, business websites can be downloaded with a single license.

The best part of using Envato Element license is, you get unlimited access to all the available resources. The license remains activated for your subscription period.

Here is the list of items you can get access to with your single license.

  • WordPress themes
  • WordPress plugins
  • Design assets
  • Web templates
  • Stock photos
  • Tuts+ courses & eBook
  • Presentations.
  • and more...

If you are looking for a one-end shop for your digital requirements, Envato Element can be the best place.



Strikingly at BusinessFry

Many non-tech Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs find it a tough task to create stunning, highly converting landing pages for their business.

Strikingly does solve this problem beautifully by providing several benefits over another alternative. It provides a "drag and drop" page builder with access to hundreds to readymade templates. 

You can make any kind of website from a simple blog to a profitable e-commerce website within a few hours with Strikingly. You can use a free subdomain from Strikingly or use your own domain name to host your website. 

Strikingly has been trusted by millions of Entrepreneurs, Authors, and Professionals and has featured in magazines like Forbes and TNW.


Themeforest at BusinessFry

Themeforest is a one end marketplace for finding stunning website templates, WordPress themes, design vectors, pictures and 3D files.

It is a widely used and trusted source of finding secure programs to enrich your digital assets. You can search Moodle themes, WordPress themes and even new CMS developed by various agencies and freelancers.

The best part of Themeforest is the security of your files. If you find something malicious in the code you have purchased on it, you will get your full refund. All themes, however, are checked for anything like this so that you get the best.

You can even directly buy readymade websites for a reasonable price on Themeforest if your focus in on development or ask for customization services.

Best Marketplace for WordPress Themes, Videos and Website Designs


Sumo is a powerful toolkit to skyrocket your traffic and conversions. It is a no-coding-required tool you can integrate directly into your website and manage it directly.

Sumo gives you some fantastic features like Heatmaps (tracking user clicks), content analysis (if the user likes your content or not), social sharing, traffic booster, Instant chat, subscriber forms, contact forms and much more.

Further, you can integrate your Sumo app with other third-parties like MailChimp and AWeber. A must have service for every business and website owner.


INCAPSULA at BusinessFry

Security for a tech-business is highly crucial and should be the first priority. With the huge increment in the recent cases, it is now a must-have step to secure your data and digital assets from hackers.

Incapsula is a wonderful company offers several products to have a state-of-the-art security for your websites.

It helps to keep your website secure from DDos, Name server attacks, infrastructure attacks. It offers products like CND (Content delivery network) for smooth delivery from your servers, Web application firewall, Load balancers, monitoring services for your website and much more to build a secure digital platform for your company.

Incapsula is a trusted name in the industry and they provide their services to all kinds of businesses ranging from startups to enterprises. Some of the customers of them are XOOM, MOZ, and Wix.


SSL Certificates for business

SSL is a popular abbreviation of the secure socket layer. With the increasing theft in digital transactions using secure protocol is crucial for your business.

Using HTTPS instead of HTTP helps you in many ways. Very important two aspects are, visitor's trust upon your platform and another is the protection of communication with every other website and users.

Platforms asking for membership credentials like passwords and sensitive information like bank details and credit cards must use SSL to avoid problems later.

SSL.COM is an authentic platform to get your SSL certificates for your website. It provides certificates to enterprises, governments, large organizations like United Nations and NASA.


HostGator is one of the most popular reseller and shared hosting platform. Small businesses can take benefits of their cheapest pricing model comes with great options.

Other than the mentioned, Hostgator also provides VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated hosting solution. It has been recognized and featured in various places for great customer support and great uptime.

Hostgator has been featured on WPBeginner and PCMag for their services. You can use it for Domain registration, business emails, website and application hosting for a reasonable price.